10 Unique Pregnancy Announcement Ideas


If you’re reading this, chances are congratulations are in order. You’re expecting a little one!


But, figuring out how (and when) to tell your friends and family the good news can feel overwhelming. Especially in this day and age where announcements have practically become performance art on social media.


Thankfully, at ParentEducate.com, we’re dedicated to making every step of the parenting process as easy as possible for parents like you.


That’s why we’re sharing 10 unique pregnancy announcement ideas that will have your friends and family talking for years.

First, let’s talk about when you should share the news.


When sharing the news with your wider circle of friends and family, most parents wait until after the first trimester, when the risk of miscarriage drastically drops. However, some wait even longer — choosing to announce after their first ultrasound or after the gender has been determined.


In the end, when you tell people about your pregnancy is a personal decision. Talk with your partner to devise a plan and timeline that makes you both comfortable and go from there.


So, now that I’m ready, how should I share the news?


While there are countless pregnancy announcement ideas from which to choose, the one you ultimately go with should be one that feels natural for you and your partner — and excites you both! Some of our favorite pregnancy reveal ideas include:


  1. Tiny shoes.

Seriously, is there anything cuter than baby clothes? Spread the word about your pregnancy by purchasing a tiny pair of baby shoes and taking a photo of them next to the rest of the family’s shoes. The photo can be used for announcement cards or posted on social media.


  1. Lottery tickets.

If you have a Lottery fan in your life, these custom scratch-off tickets are the perfect way to share the news. Meet with your friends and family and give them the tickets in person or send them in the mail with a quick note. Either way, your loved ones will be surprised and have the perfect keepsake to remember the moment.


  1. Letter-board pictures.

Letter-board pictures are one of the most popular pregnancy announcement ideas — and for a good reason. Letter boards allow you to show off your creativity and personality easily, perfect for staging an attention-grabbing flat-lay photo. Once you’ve decided on the phrase you’d like to spell out (such as “Coming Soon: Baby X”), place related items around the board, including onesies, tiny socks, and more. Snap a picture, and you’re all set.


  1. Survival kits.

Play the fun “challenge” ahead by creating baby survival kits for the essential people in your life. Each kit can include must-have items, such as a baby pacifier, board books, and custom shirts displaying that person’s role in the baby’s life. Then, give out the survival kits and watch their faces turn from confusion to excitement.


  1. Pet photos.

If you’re looking for pregnancy reveal ideas that include your furry friend, look no further. Incorporating your pets into your announcement can be a fun memory and the perfect way to show that your family is growing. Some of our favorite ideas include buying big brother/big sister pet gear, ordering a custom dog announcement sign, or getting creative with fake book covers.


  1. Game night.

The best way to tell a group of close friends the news at once? Organizing a game night! Invite your best friends and start the night with a game of charades. Act out the announcement when you and your partner turn until someone guesses. The best part? You can then spend the rest of the night together celebrating.


  1. Movie posters.

Are you a movie buff? If so, try creating a fake movie poster announcing the news of your pregnancy. The background photo can be of you and your family holding baby items and your partner looking excited — whatever you feel best captures the moment. Here’s a fun example to get your creative juices flowing.


  1. Family team jerseys.

This one is our favorite of all the pregnancy announcement ideas involving sports. Order custom sports jerseys for everyone in your family with their new title on the back (e.g., “Aunt,” “Grandma,” or “Brother”). Then, have everyone open their jerseys simultaneously and snap a group family photo after breaking the news.


  1. Word puzzles.

Like game night, this is a great way to have your family and friends actively participate in finding out the big news. Create a crossword puzzle or word search game using pregnancy-related words and messages such as “we’re expecting” or “baby on board.” Then, watch as your loved ones piece together the hints and find out.


  1. Recipe cards.

Make a clever play on the fact that you have a “bun in the oven” by creating recipe cards for your friends and family. In the ingredients section, list some of the traits you hope your baby will have (such as “2 cups of independence” or “1 cup of dad’s humor). Under instructions, put “Mix the ingredients and let it cook for nine months until X,” entering your due date. If you’ve already had your sonogram, include a picture of it on your recipe card.


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