Fall fun: 5 activities to do with your toddler


We’re going to come right out and say it: fall is our favorite season.


Between the sweater weather and the pumpkin-spiced everything, it’s no surprise that autumn is consistently voted America’s favorite time of the year. And what better way to celebrate the top season than spending time with your little one?


Here are our top five activities to do with your toddler before autumn comes to an end:


Visit a pumpkin patch.

Pumpkin patches are a fall staple — and an activity that’s just as much fun for parents as it is toddlers. Find a public patch in your area and plan to spend the day with the whole family. As you’re exploring, challenge your little one to find certain pumpkins from the group. First, have them find the biggest. Then, the smallest. Finally, ask them to find the craziest looking pumpkin they can. This is a fun way to keep them engaged and turn the patch into an all-day event. Finally, end the outing with a picnic lunch in a nearby space, or with goodies from the patch’s food stand if available.


Go on a fall nature walk.

Does the weather forecast call for a clear, calm day? If so, plan to take your toddler on a one-of-a-kind nature walk. Start the adventure inside with a book that focuses on fall or the changing of seasons (this one is a personal favorite). Then, give your child a list of scavenger hunt items you’d like them to find on the walk. This can include leaves, twigs, rocks and more. Grab a bag to store the items in and set off on your outdoor adventure! During the walk, be sure to talk with your kid about what they see, feel and smell. Take a break midway and have them draw their environment. Once you return home, spread out your findings on the table and see how they did.


Get crafty.

When it comes to seasonal arts and crafts activities, fall almost has too many to name. Whether it's puffy ghosts for Halloween or handprint turkey cards for Thanksgiving, set aside some time for your little one to explore their creative side. Plus, because most crafts can be done indoors, this is the perfect activity for rainy fall days — or days when the temperature gets a little too chilly.


Play around with apples in the kitchen.

It’s never too early to introduce your child to the culinary arts, and these easy apple recipes from Happy Kids Kitchen are as fun to make as they are to eat. Have your toddler go to the store or local orchard with you to pick up fresh apples and ingredients for your recipe. Then, work with them in the kitchen to make something the whole family can enjoy. Have them assist you with apple chopping (using age-appropriate kitchen tools), transferring between bowls and taste testing. Your little one will love learning new skills and they’ll appreciate being included.


Learn together.

Pick an especially chilly or rainy day and have an indoor date with your toddler. Create a fun blanket fort to fit you both, or simply set out the coziest blankets and pillows you have on the living room floor. Then, put together a stack of your kid’s favorite seasonal books, play some calming music, and spend the time learning together independently.


While your child is brushing up on their reading skills, you can take the time to brush up on your parenting skills. Choose from one of our 80+ research-based courses covering everything from brain development to potty training. Once you finish your course (or when your little one is ready for a break), take a moment to talk about what you’ve each learned. Then, celebrate with a sweet treat or a seasonal movie.