Five Pieces of Advice for the Parents to Be from Kristen Chase CEO/Co-Founder of

As a parent myself, I remember the excitement of preparing for my oldest’s arrival. And I also remember how overwhelming it was trying to figure out everything I needed to know before she was in my arms.


Thankfully, I was surrounded by wonderful, experienced parents who offered their helpful advice throughout my pregnancy, birth, and beyond.


Here, five pieces of advice that resonated with me during my journey as a new and expectant mother.


  1. You know yourself and your baby best.

When my daughter was an infant, I got no shortage of advice on how to do everything from get her to nap to feed her from a bottle, and nothing seemed to work. After trying to follow the tips and tricks that everyone else gave me, I realized that those were all based on their own experiences with their own babies, not mine. While it can be helpful to hear what has worked for other parents and other babies, remember that you and your baby are different, and that’s okay. In the end, you need to do what feels right to you and your own baby.


  1. Surround yourself with your “people.”

If you’re getting advice from people, make sure they are your people. That means, do they hold the same values and beliefs about parenting that you do? Indeed, differing opinions can be helpful, but not when you’re exhausted and overwhelmed. Make sure that the people closest to you -- the ones you are going to be interacting with the most early on -- share your same approach to parenting that you do.


  1. No stage lasts forever.

Holding a restless, sleep-resistant newborn, or soothing a grouchy, teething baby, can become terribly frustrating, especially if you’re sleep-deprived yourself. The gift of parenting is that no stage lasts very long. They finally sleep, their teeth come in, and you move on to the next milestone fairly quickly. When you’re in the throes of a stage that’s pushing you to your parenting limits, gently remind yourself that it won’t last forever.


  1. Your needs are important too.

You’ll be the best parent to your baby if you are well cared for too, so it’s imperative that you consider your own needs as well. Being a new parent is challenging, so make sure you’re taking some time for yourself, whether that’s grabbing a coffee with a friend for an hour each week or enlisting the help of a friend or relative to get a date night with your partner. Even if it’s just a few minutes each day where you get a chance to refocus and reset, those moments are incredibly important.


  1. Ask for help when you need it.

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Kristen Chase is the CEO/Co-Founder of and a parent of four kids.