The five books you should read to your baby

When it comes to helping your little one build language skills, few things are more important than storytime.


Reading to your baby familiarizes them with common sounds and words, and helps with emotional development and critical thinking skills. Plus, it’s a great way to form a deeper bond between baby and parent.


But, with so many books to choose from, where do you start?


Here are five books every parent should add to their at-home library.


  1. “Time for Bed” by Mem Fox

This bestseller is the perfect pre-bedtime read for your baby. Filled with calming descriptions of baby animals getting ready for bed, its rhythmic storyline will have your little one ready for a night of deep sleep. Plus, the classic illustrations are a great way to introduce new animals.


  1. “Little You” by Richard Van Camp

What do you get when you combine the skills of internationally renowned storyteller Richard Van Camp and award-winning illustrator Julie Flett? A board book that will be a staple on your shelf from birth through the toddler years. This book celebrates the potential of every child and has stunning illustrations that will grab (and keep) your baby’s attention.


  1. “Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?by Bill Martin, Jr.

No round-up would be complete without this 1967 classic. On top of helping you introduce animals to your little one, the bright colors will grab their attention and encourage them to follow along with the illustrations on each page.


  1. “Look, Look!” by Peter Linenthal

Because newborns can only see in black and white for the first few months, these high-contrast, black-and-white illustrations will pop on the page. Written by an elementary school teacher, this book also features red descriptions of common sights your baby will encounter — including a racing car, a blooming flower and children running.


  1. “Whose Toes are Those?” by Jabari Asim

This fun board book celebrates multiculturalism and the classic game of “This Little Piggy.” Asim’s title is also packed with vibrant colors, eye-catching illustrations and fun, easy rhymes — making it the perfect read for newborns!


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